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Our Story

Inspired by the vibes and vitality of the Big Apple, CUSSSO was founded with a rebellious spirit and a clear objective: to redefine the look and ideology of the common things in your everyday life. 

Each street is a blood vessel of a thriving city. It is full of inexhaustible, ever-renewing mystery, and constantly delivers nutrients to the city. This is why some city-dwellers become explorers - to draw a constant stream of inspiration. 

This is also what we are doing. 

We integrate the street elements into household products, bring them into your home, and let them decorate your life.

What we have in our blood is also what you have.

Let’s create something cool together.

Origin of CUSSSO

CUSSSO is derived from “cusso” in the Mbukushu language, which is an Abyssinian tree of the rose family. The flowers of this tree are also spelled cusso. An interesting coincidence is that the pronunciation of the word is similar to “kuso” in Japanese, making it romantic yet rebellious.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We chose biodegradable packaging foam and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes for packaging over lower-cost but less environmentally friendly materials in order to minimize the waste and pollution that end up in our precious landfills and oceans. Environmental issues are critical for every Earth dweller. Therefore, we’re doing what we can to make a meaningful impact. 

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